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New Website For Parents Adds Household Budgeting Tool To Free Grocery Coupon Search Feature    Posted on 04.16.2009

WASHINGTON, April 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, YadaHome.com(http://www.yadahome.com), a social utility for parents, announced the expansion of its shared, family grocery shopping list and free grocery coupon search feature, adding a household budgeting tool that allows users to easily estimate their grocery bills before they reach the check-out aisle. This new site feature allows users to reconcile their grocery budget to their actual grocery bills and helps members keep track of their grocery expenditures throughout the year.

In October, YadaHome.com added an innovative feature that alerts our members when free grocery coupons matching items on their grocery list are available. "We believe these two features, free grocery coupons and a grocery budget tool, offer a potent combination that helps our members easily find savings and manage a budget during challenging economic times," said Maurice McKenzie, founder and President of YadaHome.com. To date, YadaHome.com's members have added over 26,000 items to their grocery list and have clipped thousands of free grocery coupons. "We are committed to providing our members with tools that help them save money, stay organized, and stay on budget. That is precisely what our newest features accomplish," said McKenzie.

YadaHome.com also plans to launch several new mobile applications over the next three weeks, providing members with remote access to YadaHome.com's productivity tools. "For parents, staying coordinated and organized is paramount. Our upcoming suite of mobile applications allows parents to share and synchronize their grocery lists, calendars and to do list whether they are on their desktop, laptop or mobile device," said McKenzie.

The company plans to launch mobile applications for BlackBerry, iPhone and Android G1 at several attractive price points, ranging from $9.99 to free, for economically sensitive users. "We are a company designed around providing innovative organizational tools for busy parents. Our flat organizational structure allows YadaHome.com to act swiftly. As new technologies emerge that help improve our user's lives, we are committed to quickly integrating them into the end user experience," said McKenzie. 

About YadaHome.com: Launched in May 2008, YadaHome.com offers a full suite of free and paid online organizational tools designed to help parents stay coordinated and organized. Site features include: shared family grocery lists, a free grocery coupon search tool, shared to do lists, family calendars, photo albums, and recipe books.