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YadaHome.com Introduces Enhanced Homepage, Bolsters Free Grocery Coupons    Posted on 11.03.2008

WASHINGTON, DC--(MARKET WIRE)--Nov 3, 2008 -- On Friday, YadaHome.com unveiled its new Homepage, placing an increased emphasis on free grocery coupons in response to the challenging economy. "Our members continue to tell us that finding tools that help them stretch the family budget remains a top priority in their daily lives," said Maurice McKenzie, founder of YadaHome.com. "While our primary focus remains on helping parents organize their daily lives and connect with family members and other parents, we remain attentive to helping our members save money on groceries." The new homepage provides an easy to follow tour, which includes YadaHome.com's most recent addition, its free grocery coupon search feature. "We have added two important elements to the homepage that we expect to positively impact our visitors' budgets. The first is a peel down page intended to direct members to our free grocery coupons landing page. The second is an easy to understand icon that explains how to find and retrieve free grocery coupons," said McKenzie.

According to the FTC, more than 3,000 manufacturers distributed an estimated $280 billion in merchant coupons in 2007, while less than 2% of these free grocery coupons were redeemed by end consumers. "In a tough economy, everyone can benefit by finding ways to cut corners and stretch the family budget. We are excited to remind our visitors that free grocery coupons are both available and can result in real savings," said McKenzie.

Families have traditionally turned to print forms of free grocery coupons. However, the Internet has assumed an increasing role in helping individuals save on groceries. Consumers are growing savvier in how they use available resources to economize. "Gone are the days, when consumers were bound to Sunday circulars to find grocery savings. Today, savings are abundant. Major grocery retailers and drug store chains offer shoppers savings cards and present everyday food discounts. Deepening these savings with free grocery coupons is a great way to stretch the budget. We're doing our small part by reminding our visitors that additional savings may be available," said McKenzie.

Established in 2008, YadaHome.com (www.yadahome.com/free-grocery-coupons) provides a suite of organizational tools that allow members to create and share grocery lists, calendars and other organizational resources. YadaHome.com recently introduced its newest feature, the free grocery coupon search tool.