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YadaHome.com Introduces Free Grocery Coupon Search Tool    Posted on 10.23.2008

WASHINGTON, Oct. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- On Friday, October 10th, YadaHome.com (http://www.yadahome.com/free-grocery-coupons/) introduced a new feature designed to help its members search for free grocery coupons. The new service is free to members of YadaHome.com and has been integrated into YadaHome.com's popular online grocery list. "Searching for free grocery coupons has become more a national necessity than a past time, as the economy struggles and consumers actively look for savings on groceries, samples and bargains," said Maurice McKenzie, YadaHome.com founder and president. "We are happy to provide our free grocery coupon search tool to our membership as a vehicle to help them find value, and we view this new feature as a value-added complement to the organizational and time saving utilities we offer at YadaHome.com."

The new service helps augment the process of searching for free grocery coupons. Each member of YadaHome is provided with an online grocery list. As members enter items onto their grocery list, available grocery coupons are highlighted. Members are then directed to a companion site that enables them to review the grocery coupons and other offers that may help them save on groceries. "We view our free grocery coupon search tool as a supplement to each member's existing efforts in seeking free grocery coupons and saving on groceries that they already buy," said McKenzie.

Published reports indicate that manufacturers publish or make available hundreds of billions of dollars in free grocery coupons each year, yet only a fraction of those free grocery coupons are ever used. "We expect the number of free grocery coupons clipped and used by consumers to increase as the economic conditions remain soft and household budgets remain constrained," said McKenzie. "Online grocery coupons make the process of saving one step easier, and we are excited to integrate a tool that helps in the process of finding them. Members and visitors alike should continue to use other online resources to look for free grocery coupons, and should visit YadaHome.com to look for additional savings on groceries that may be available on our site."

Established in 2008, YadaHome.com provides access to free grocery coupons. YadaHome.com's organizational tools enable members to create and share grocery lists, calendars and other organizational resources. The free grocery coupon search tool is the newest feature of YadaHome.com.