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Pay attention to expirations dates on free grocery coupons to take advantage of free savings

Positioning yourself to save money on groceries requires taking advantage of free grocery coupons before they expire. The small print is always the toughest to pay attention to when it comes to free grocery coupons. One technique to use to help you use free grocery coupons before they expire is to create a coupon file that places your most recent free grocery coupons near their front of the file. Similar to rotating grocery stock so that no inventory sits on the shelf too long, having older free grocery coupons close at hand is a good idea.

A second idea for storing free grocery coupons is to clip them to your grocery list so that you remember to bring them with you and use them. It’s difficult to justify a return home if you leave your free grocery coupons there and easier to justify that a shopper will use them at a later date, only to be forgotten again.

Another idea for free grocery coupons is to bring them all to the store during each shopping trip. This way, if a shopper sees an additional sale and can compound the savings through free grocery coupons, they are well prepared.

Steps to help use free grocery coupons before they expire
1) Create coupon file with the oldest free grocery coupons up front
2) Clip free grocery coupons to the grocery list
3) Keep free grocery coupons in a visible place so you can easily inspect the expirations
4) Bring all of your free grocery coupons to the store


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