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Using free grocery coupons and a grocery list to help you stay on your budget

Much like dieting, saving money on groceries requires discipline and a few new habits, including bringing free grocery coupons to the store every trip. Maintaining a grocery list is a good place to start forming those new shopping habits. Using free grocery coupons is a great second step. A challenging economy calls for creativity and some sacrifice. Shoppers should clip free grocery coupons or search for free grocery coupons on the internet.

When available, shoppers should be willing to substitute their favorite brands when free grocery coupons are available for different brands of similar quality. When free grocery coupons are not available, members should be willing to look at store brands. Often, the store brands are manufactured in the same plants as other branded products. So even when a free grocery coupon is not available, products of similar quality may be available at everyday discounted prices. Happy hunting and remember to bring those free grocery coupons along each time you shop.

A few handy steps for using a grocery list to maintain grocery savings discipline are as follows

1) Maintain a grocery list
2) Place the essentials at the top of the list
3) Look for free grocery coupons that match the items on your list
4) Buy essential items in bulk when there are free grocery coupons available
5) Only buy non-essentials when you have free grocery coupons available
6) Keep your free grocery coupons and grocery list in the same place.

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