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Supplementing free grocery coupons with user loyalty programs to increase grocery savings

Over the past several years, free grocery coupons have been supplemented by customer loyalty programs which offer everyday savings for groceries and other goods and services. These programs are generally easy and free to join and enable shoppers to increase their savings by using free grocery coupons and any savings available with the program.

With so many programs, keeping track of free grocery coupons and all of the cards provided by merchants is quite a task. Shoppers should create a folder or wallet to hold all of the cards and free grocery coupons. Members should try to use a single phone number when registering for all cards, so that if the card is not accessible, the number is handy. Free grocery coupons should be presented with every purchase if buyers have them available to take advantage of additional savings on groceries.

Often times manufacturers will add free grocery coupons to the actual product. Staying alert and using these free grocery coupons at the check-out aisle can help shoppers realize more savings on groceries.

Here are some handy steps for taking advantage of free grocery coupons and loyalty programs
1) Create a special wallet to hold all of your loyalty cards
2) Add free grocery coupons to this wallet
3) Place this wallet in a purse or in the glove compartment of your car, keeping access to free grocery coupons close at hand
4) If you forget your card, use your phone number and ask the clerk if you can apply free grocery coupons toward your already discounted items to double you saving on groceries
5) Look for free grocery coupons in the store aisles
6) Use free grocery coupons found on product labels for instant savings.

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